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The oldest international Science Fiction and Fantasy fan club on planet Earth.

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Regular Memberships

Regular members get print subscriptions to "The National Fantasy Fan" and to "Tightbeam". The National Fantasy Fan, first published in 1941, is our newsletter. Tightbeam features art, fiction, reviews, essays and correspondence form members and other fans. Regular members elect and serve as club officers. Dues are $18/year.


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Electronic and Joint Memberships

Electronic and household members have the same rights as Regular Members. However, electronic members pay only $6/year and receive our clubzines via email. For multi-fan households we have joint membership. The first fan joins as a Regular or Electronic member; other fans at the same address pay only $4/year, but are not sent separate copies of our clubzines.


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Public Memberships

Would you like to receive The National Fantasy Fan and Tightbeam for free? Public Members pay nothing. As a Public Member, your club publications are sent via email as PDF files. Public Members may not hold club offices or vote in club elections, but most club activities are open to Public Members as space permits.