The National Fantasy Fan Federation

Formed in 1941, the N3F is the longest-running national fan organization for science fiction, fantasy and supernatural horror fans.

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Tightbeam #268

Tightbeam #267

TNFF 72.5 – Election Ballot

Tightbeam #266

Fandbook 6: The Hugo Awards for Best Novel

Fandbook #6 – The Hugo Award Winners for Best Novel

The Newest N3F Fandbook, “The Hugo Awards of Best Novel” is our July 2013 special publication – Initial distribution free to members of BayCon 31 and the National Fantasy Fan Federation. Text © 2012 by Jon D. Swartz; cover art © 2012 by Sarah Lynn Griffith; publication designed and editedRead More…

TNFF 72.4 – Call for Candidates

TNFF 72-4

TABLE OF CONTENTS TNFF 72.4—Call for Candidates 2 Call for 2014 Officer Candidates List of Officers 4 Short Story Contest Entry 5 President’s Report, David Speakman 6 Secretary’s Report 7 New Fanzine Appreciation Society 7 List of Neffers @ Conventions 8 Bureau Reports: 8 Round Robins, Patricia Williams-King 8 GameRead More…

Tightbeam #265

tb 265

 Tightbeam #265 – May 2013 Inside: Letters of comment: Jeffrey Redmond, Angela Myers, Jon Swartz, Jefferson Swycaffer, Wesley Kawato, Kent McDaniel and Lloyd Penney Original Fiction: The Great Escape by Kent McDaniel Dead Man’s Hand by Jean Lamb (book excerpt) Reviews: Comics by David Heath, Jr. and Tim Allenby and..Read More…

TNFF 72.3 – Fandom Annual

TNFF 72-3 color

What is the N3F, anyway?

By David Speakman, N3F President To understand what the N3F is, it’s probably easier if you start by ruling things out. First, let’s start with the name: N3F (or NFFF) stands for National Fantasy Fan Federation. What N3F is Not: The N3F is not “National” – whatever that means; weRead More…