Author: David Speakman

March 1, 2012 David Speakman

By David Speakman N3F Directorate Activity: January 1 – February 15, 2012 The following were the final  acts of the 70th N3F Directorate, which held office from January 1, 2011 -February 15, 2012): * * * MOTION 2012-01 Suspend bylaws to allow elections for 2012 officers as per Heath ROw’s suggestions with a ballot deadline…

March 1, 2012 David Speakman

Artist’s Bureau By Sarah E. Harder, We’ve had a great rejuvenation within the bureau these past couple of years that has just started to wane. I will do my best to help invigorate it once more. There is always something to look forward to and new projects and assignments to work on. We thank…

December 1, 2011 David Speakman

The following are the Officers for 2012; PRESIDENT Dennis Davis THE DIRECTORATE: Jon D. Swartz Sarah Glasgow Harder – Chairman, David “Davodd” Speakman Heath Row Holly Wilson SECRETARY: Dennis Davis TREASURER: William Center ELECTION TELLER: Ruth R. Davidson HISTORIAN: Jon D. Swartz OFFICIAL EDITOR David Speakman