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We have four membership levels.  Dues-paying memberships let you hold office, vote in N3F elections. and get you preference if an activity is oversubscribed.  Public Memberships are free. All memberships include access to our fannish activities, but dues-paying members stand at the front of the line.

Electronic memberships with publications sent via email are only $6 per year. Regular Memberships with The National Fantasy Fan sent via paper mail and other publications via email are only $18 per year.  ‘Family’ memberships (separate publications not sent) are only $4 per year, but someone at your address must already be a Regular or Electronic member. Public Members receive our publications via email.

TO JOIN:  A) Pay your dues. B) Supply Membership information.

A) Pay your dues:
1. Pay your dues via PayPal online. Go to
2.  Pay with check or money order. Make check payable “N3F”, and send your money to N3F, POB 1925, Mountain View, CA 94042.

Are you renewing? Simply send your dues via pay your dues via PayPal , or send check or money order to N3F, POB 1925, Mountain View, CA 94042. Make check payable to “N3F”.

3. Public Memberships are Free! To become a Public Member, send your name and email address to our President, George Phillies, and our Treasurer at

B) Send us information.
1. To be a Public or Electronic member, you must give the Treasurer your email address. To be a Regular Member, you must give the Treasurer your papermail address. To be a Family member, you must tell us whose family you are in.

2) The N3F is a social club. Members interact with each other about their common fannish interests.   If you join as  a dues-paying member, your name and contact information will appear in The National Fantasy Fan.  If you supply us on the form with other information, that information will appear in The National Fantasy Fan.  The National Fantasy Fan is archived on various publicly accessible web sites. If you want to share about your interests go to the Online Membership Form .

And last, but definitely not least, WELCOME TO N3F!

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