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George Phillies


Jean Lamb
Heath Row
Jon Swartz
Jefferson Swycaffer
R-Laurraine Tutihasi


David Speakman


TNFF: George Phillies
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R-Laurraine Tutihasi

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George Phillies


Jon Swartz


Jean Lamb

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Heath Row

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Patricia Williams – King

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Jefferson Swycaffer

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David Speakman


Heath Row

Writers Exchange Bureau:

Joy Beeson

N3F Leadership

OFFICIALS: The N3F is run by an elected President and five elected Members of the Directorate. The Treasurer is appointed by the President, as are the Editors of the club’s magazines and the various Bureau heads. The President, Directors, Treasurer, and Editors maintain contact by email. Only the five Directorate members vote on N3F business.

THE PRESIDENT: This person normally runs the club, making appointments and removals among the heads of the various activities, coaxing members to volunteer to run activities, passing on ideas and complaints, and generally being a busy-body. The President is chosen annually by ballots sent to all members in the autumn. The only requirement is that the Presidential candidate’s dues be paid for a year in advance.

THE DIRECTORATE: These people are the legislative and judicial authority of the club, subject to the Constitutional power of the membership. They also control the club’s finances and watch the state of the club. They may censure any act of the President or any official. The Directors are elected on the same ballot that selects the President. The only requirement for eligibility to become a member of there Directorate is that the candidate’s dues be paid for a year in advance. However, no member may hold two elective offices at the same time.

THE TREASURER: This person handles N3F’s funds according to instructions issued by the Directorate. The TReasurer also maintains the membership records. Because of the nature of his duties, the office of Treasurer is about as permanent as anything in Fandom.

THE OFFICIAL EDITOR: Like the Secretary and Treasurer, the Editors continue until they resign or are required to step down. Publications are monthly.

BUREAU HEADS: Appointed by the President, Bureau Heads provide leadership for N3F activities in their specified fields of interest. Bureau Heads lead, doing what they see fit to do to advance the N3F in their areas.


You can contact us by U.S. Mail at the following address:
PO Box 1925
Mountain View, CA 94042

Unsolicited materials sent to us without a postage fully paid self-addressed, stamped envelope will not be returned to the original sender.

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