N3F Publications

The publications of the N3F have a rich history. Our main news zine The National Fantasy Fan (TNFF), originally called “Bonfire”, has been published almost non-stop since June 1941 … only taking a break during the height of World War II. Tightbeam (TB) (originally called “Hyperspace Tightbeam”) started in 1960. Other N3F zines include N’APA (our APA, founded 1959), Ionisphere (author and fan interviews), Mangaverse (anime, comics, manga), Eldritch Science (fiction), Origin (fannish history and research), Films Fantasic (films), and The N3F Review of Books. Additionally, since the 1940s we’ve issued many special publications.

If you only see a cover image or a filename (may vary with browser), click on the cover image or file name to download the zine’s PDF file.

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