Ionisphere was originally published by the N3F, some decades ago, and has now been revived by its original Editor. John Thiel writes of his objectives as Editor and BuHead of the N3F Fan-Pro Coordinating Activity Bureau:

“It is my feeling that there should be a closer relationship between science fiction and fantasy fans and the writers and editors and artists who create this form of literature. The fans are visible supporters of writing of this kind, and have some interchange with the professionals by way of letter columns and now internet forums, and at the conventions as well, but this could always use improvement and especially now when the number of magazines has dwindled. Possibly contact between fans and pros could re-create an original enthusiasm which could be very useful today, when science fiction has had its influences on cultural life in general, but is not as successful as it once was on the home front.”

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Year Editor(s) Month Issue View/Download
2016 John Thiel October 1 1
2016 John Thiel November 2 2
2017 John Thiel February 3 3
2017 John Thiel April 4 4
2017 John Thiel June 5 5
2017 John Thiel July 6 6
2017 John Thiel September 7 7
2017 John Thiel November 8 8
2018 John Thiel January 9 9
2018 John Thiel March 10 10
2018 John Thiel June 11 11
2018 John Thiel August 12 12
2018 John Thiel October 13 13
2018 John Thiel December 14 14
2019 John Thiel February 15 15
2019 John Thiel April 16 16
2019 John Thiel June 17 17
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