Launched in 1959 N'APA has for the last half-century been our club APA. APAs are filled with art, comments on other contributors and their writings, fiction, reviews, and more.

Technology has advanced; the basic structure of an APA has not changed. In an Amateur Press Association, each contributor generates her or his own zine, a set of pages as an electronic file. The contributors mail their zines to the Collator, who generates cover pages, a page listing the contents, assembles the files in some order, converts everything to a PDF, and mails the APA to the members. The title "Collator" exists because once upon a time the pages were printed on paper, either by the individual members or by the collator, shipped physically to the Collator's location, collated by the collator and friends into copies of the issue, and physically shipped to back to the contributors.

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Year Editor(s) Month Issue View/Download
2016 George Phillies January 220
2016 George Phillies March 221
2016 George Phillies May 222 222
2016 George Phillies July 223 223
2016 George Phillies September 224
2016 George Phillies November 225 225
2017 George Phillies January 226 226
2017 George Phillies March 227 227
2017 George Phillies May 228 228
2017 George Phillies July 229 229
2017 George Phillies September 230 230
2017 George Phillies November 231 231
2018 George Phillies January 232 232
2018 George Phillies March 233 233
2018 George Phillies May 234 234
2018 George Phillies July 235 235
2018 George Phillies September 236 236
2018 Jefferson Swycaffer November 237 237

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