Submission Guidelines

Want to See Your Name in Print?

If you’ve never submitted an article before, it’s easier than you think. If you want to contribute, but are unsure what to write about – simply send a letter of comment on any topic (a past issue, some book or show you liked [or hated]). It’s that easy. We only ask that you consider the audience’s interests: we are fans of science fiction and fantasy.

Letters of Comment

Letters of Comment (LoCs) are the fan version of Letters to the Editor – except you can feel free to address directly anyone you want.

Original Writing

We accept fictio, essays, poetry, con reports and interviews. All writing is subject to being edited, but we usually take a very light hand. Any writer chosen for a feature (fiction or non-fiction of more than 900 words) will get 1 full-color printed version of the issue their work graces.


We are always looking for cover art and spot art and amusing doodles and thoughtful ones, too.  We have plenty of space to fill and your art may be just what we are looking for. Any artist selected for a cover will get 1 full-color printed version of the issue their work graces.


We would like to publish a review of every new SF/F/H/O novel when published. That’s the objective. We fall a bit short.



The deadline for TNFF is the 15th day of the month. Publication happens soon thereafter. Deadlines for other zines appear in those zines.  If and article does not get to us in time, it usually goes in the next issue.

What We Publish

The National Fantasy Fan (TNFF)

The TNFF is the official club newsletter. As a newszine, it publishes official business of the President and Directorate as well as reports from the Bureau Chairs on fan activity. Additionally, we accept news reports that affect fandom in general, such as convention calendars and general fandom news such as death, birth and engagement announcements.

Tightbeam (TB)

Tightbeam is our general fanzine (genzine). It publishes just about everything from Letters of Comment (LoCs) on previous issues (or whatever they want to talk about) to reviews and essays.


N’APA. founded 1959, is our Amateur Press Association, featuring zines from individual Neffers.


Ionisphere, published by our Fan-Pro Coordinating Bureau, features interviews with authors and fen.

Eldritch Science

Eldritch Science is our fiction zine, published once or twice a year.


Origin, the publication of the Fannish Research and History Bureau, includes studies on fannish history and a vigorous letter column.


Mangaverse is published by the N3F Anime/Comics/Manga Bureau.

Special Publications

Our special publications come in three flavors:

  1. Works of Reference: Fandbooks, Indexes for veteran fans
  2. One-Offs: One-issue-only zines, cookbooks, etc.
  3. Outreach: Educational guides to new fans

Unlike our other pubs, which are timely and have a short production cycle, our Special publications are arranged with the Editorial Cabal months in advance of actual publication date.

Formats We Will Accept

We prefer electronic files. The addresses are at the bottom of this article.

Electronic formats:

  • Writing:  We accept documents in  plain text (.txt), rich text (.rtf) and simple Word format (.doc or .docx). You may also cut and paste your text into the body of your email.
  • Art: We accept art in JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TIFF formats.

Paper Formats

Please send only copies of your work, whether it is art or text. We do not return submissions made on paper unless the sender includes a SASE with postage fully paid.

Contact Addresses:

Any submission may be sent to the general address or the specialized addresses.

General Submissions

  • U.S. Mail
    George Phillies
    48 Hancock Hill Drive
    Worcester, MA 01609
  • Email: George Phillies (TNFF)
  • Email: David Speakman (Tightbeam)

Reviews for RE: The Reviews Section

  • Email:


  • Email: Sarah Harder


By submitting any material to us, you agree that you claim that you are the original author or creator of this material and have the right to grant us reproduction rights to that work. You also agree your work is to be contributed for one-time use only in an N3F publication in its various print and electronic forms, including our archives, which may be accessible to the public. All other copyrights are retained by you, the contributor.

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